How we all felt that day, remember?

Like the world was coming down around us.


There was fear, terror really, and so much sorrow.

How could humans do such terrible killing of humans?


There was confusion and a sense of being abandoned

by God, wasn’t there?  Like our God can’t protect us.


And yet, in prayer we all know that Our Father

couldn’t protect His Son from us.


I pictured the Lord, defenseless but accompanying

all the victims. I didn’t know how He does this.


But I just wanted to express my belief in His

solidarity with all of us who are not true to the Father.


Such a loving and compassionate God!  He must

be perplexed or grieved, angry or tortured.


We have no idea, do we?  But I wanted to show

what I feel in prayer:  we are not alone.



Jesus on Flight Eleven