The dream this time was of a traditional icon of the Lord Christ falling into a bank of clouds or waves. It was framed (a detail which I don’t remember happening before in inspirational dreams) with a couple of figures in some pendent frames and other blank panels.   The painting took off, becoming much different from the dream. There were two figures, both seeming female, one in grief. There were also other empty panels representing I didn’t know what. Those panels were

filled in the developing painting with symbols of other religious faiths: the Dome of the Rock, the Temple of Solomon, the Buddha, the Basilica of St. Peter, a gilt Byzantine onion dome.  I think the painting is about the way God sinks into our reality, through Christ, the Beloved Son, and this is recognized in all religions analogously. It’s not an “us against them” revelation that God sends but something beautiful and inviting. We should love like God loves——everything under His gaze is gift, embraced and beloved by Him.



Christ for all