Author: Dennis McNally

New York born and bred, this painter has three degrees from New York schools and one from Weston Jesuit School of Theology. He studied for a year in Italy, an experience that has infused his work with Renaissance influences. His Jesuit training in the Spiritual Exercises puts the use of imagination in the attempt to connect with God at the very center of his prayer life; that, too, shows in his work. The theme of what God must think of the way we conduct our lives is often given great consideration in the images that come about from his own interior struggles with how this or that tragedy could possibly have been perpetrated. The paintings are a way to pray. With God’s grace they will help others to pray. Dennis is currently Professor of Art at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.


A Christ for All

The dream this time was of a traditional icon of the Lord Christ falling into a…


Israel is building again in the Palestinian territories

Ishmael, God heard the pleading cries of Ishmael, the son of Abraham, exiled with his mother…


supra global view from space

This is a thankful image drawn from some awestruck viewing of images from space.   I…


A Singular Nun in Bethlehem

Bethlehem, near Manger Square, down a short street filled with tourists amid shops strewn with olive…


The Hunter and the Sheep

Ezekiel writes prophecies with cedars and eagles representing both the promise of Jerusalem and the threat…


Knitting with God

John asked me to paint a memory for Patty about her knitting on the way to…


Falling Woman

I dreamed of a woman floating in air.   It wasn’t scary or sad, just…


Mom and Dad Among the Sycamores

My mother appeared in my dream, long after her death and still deep in my grief,…